The Smart Solutions for Water have just arrived!

25 Feb, 2019 | Digital transformation, Digital Transformation Featured

Water is a too precious resource to be wasted by inefficient systems and the planet keeps warning us of its scarcity. Companies as well as local and central Governments have claimed as their duty addressing its flagrant waste. The new developed systems offers a more efficient use today, which will afford us a better tomorrow.

More than 10 years ago, Global Omnium – the industrial group that manages the treatment, and distribution of drinking water in the city of Valencia, Spain initiated a digital transformation process that has led to leadership in data analytics and algorithms. Since the beginning, the initiative was based on a first class technological platform.

As new technologies erupt in the market it gets more and more difficult to keep up with competitors, ever more demanding consumers and overall industry trends. Everything from IoT sensorization, Digital Twin creation, Smart Metering platforms and demand forecasting tools comes together in the Go-Aigua Software Suite.

Developed by a specialized team for each product and mixed equipment between technologists and architects of information systems with hydraulics and specialists in search for leaks, energy efficiency, remote reading of meters, electromechanical maintenance, customers, billing, the Go-aigua platform is made up of experience in technology, the knowledge necessary to change and standardize processes in an organization, and a service team prepared to support the most intense needs.

Many organizations require high investment to make the leap to information systems and transform their processes to the digital world. Go-aigua minimizes the threat because the risk is assumed by its products: Linkwatt, Tiresias, Nexus Integra, Water Twin, Glacier or EARS.

Savings of between 5 and 11% of electrical energy in the water collection processes, warnings to clients of internal leaks, hooked cisterns or dripping taps, control and supervision of water networks in high and low, implementation of the entire process of reading, billing, collection and management of work in the field in less than 6 months, or search for leaks and fraud in the network, are some of the disciplines covered by the platform.